Interview: Margen 2001

MARGEN MAGAZINE INTERVIEW NOVEMBER 2001 The new album by Land is totally different to previous ones by this band. I hear a lot of jazzy and ambient touches… This is more groovy and organic and less “cosmic” than previous albums. The percussive aspect, for example, is more direct now. Are you OK with this opinion. […]

Interview: Willamette Week 1999

Appeared in Willamette Week, April 1999 An Interview by John Graham A quick starting question: Many of the most famous ambient artists over the years (Eno, Hassell, Koner, etc.) have a sort of manifesto, a statement of purpose, or theory of sound that dictates both their working process and the music that results. Here’s your […]

Interview in Audion magazine, issue #18.

Interview in Audion magazine, issue #18. June, 1991 “The Changing Skies of Jeff Greinke” A name that has regularly cropped up in the pages of Audion, Jeff, despite having a number of releases to his credit, is still a largelly unknown musician. His music which bridges synth, the avant-garde, ambient and industrial styles, can also […]

Interview: ND Magazine Issue #19

“Sonic Forecast” Jeff Greinke has been a growing name in the electronic and experimental music scene for a decade, from his early dark ambient works of Cities in Fog and Places of Motility to more volatile excursions like his live album with Rob Angus, Crossing Ngoli. What sets him apart from other artists is his […]