author: Keyboard Magazine
“One of those exciting underground records that skates along the edge of incomprehensibility without being too off-putting… has some of the spaciousness of new age, but it’s dark instead of pretty. Maybe we should call it ‘dark age’ music.” .
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author: Ambient Mailing List
“Jeff Greinke’s “Places of Motility” is a re-issue on Hypnos, previously only available on a German imprint and long out of print. This new, remastered release includes three previously unreleased tracks from 1988, complementing the 12 originals from 1985-86. The mood here is dark, indeed quite menacing at times. Some use is made of strangled, gutteral voice samples. The opening track, “Uprising”, sets the tone with busy percussive patterns and whoops – a mock tribal rebellion brewing? The rest of the original tracks present assorted drones, groans and muffled rhythmic patterns. On the whole, it feels like a collection of stylistic studies of various shades of darkness and dissonance – Robert Rich territory – before the artist gained the headier heights of his near-perfect, airier work _Changing Skies_ in 1990. The three bonus tracks from 1988 attached to this re-release seem indicative of this change in course. Be that as it may, “Places of Motility” will surely please both fans of Greinke´s work and lovers of dark ambient alike.”
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author: Ujamaa’s Ambient Experience
“Originally released in 1987 on the Dossier label, Places of Motility is the last of Jeff Greinke’s early LPs to be reissued in CD format. Remastered by Hypnos founder Mike Griffin with the addition of several previously unreleased tracks, Places of Motility represents some of Greinke’s most daring and original work. The vast diversity of this album can be gleaned from just the first few tracks. “Uprising” starts off the album with pounding tribal rhythms, followed by “Suspended in Darkness,” with its cacophony of synthesizers and what sound like bowed strings. “Centuries Past” begins with the spacious sound of plastic tubing played as a woodwind, mechanical rhythms later making their way into the mix. “Billowing Smoke” is darkly atmospheric, while “Fallacy” ventures into more experimental territory, with spoken-word cut-ups and abstract sounds. The remainder of the album works with these ideas and more. At the end of this edition come the three previously unreleased tracks. Recorded in 1988, they refine some of the themes of the original work. “Travelling Secrets” bubbles with interesting sounds while “The Well” and “Cirrus” enter more atmospheric territory. Though representing a wide range of styles and ideas, the tracks on this album are held together by the dark, smoky atmospheres that only Greinke can create. Places of Motility is an impressive body of work that was far ahead of its time.” (Rated **** out of 5 stars) Ujamaa’s Ambient Experience
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author: Alternative Press

“Greinke contiues to sculpt sound for conversely haunting and funky purposes…Greinke has done his share to advance electronic music and ambient soundscapes.”

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