author: Alternative Press
“Greinke contiues to sculpt sound for conversely haunting and funky purposes…Greinke has done his share to advance electronic music and ambient soundscapes.”
author: Alternative Press
“A haunting collaboration…a floating, sensual dream of dark desire, Hana is redolent with ominous counterpoints and ghostly visitations…deeply hypnotic.”
author: Outburn
“…Anisa’s voice is pure bliss, and when combined with the delicate textures and spiritual ambience of Greinke’s atmospheres, makes Hana one of the best ethereal releases of the year.”
author: New Age Voice
“…a dynamic collection of eight hypnotic tunes aptly decribed as ‘multilayered moody ambient dreamworks’…haunting vocalizations mesh beautifully with Greinke’s spectral sonic impressions.”
author: Seattle Rocket
“Greinke draws from a palette of effects and sonorities, and manages to liberate them from their electronic circuitry, so that they become strange and compelling-something both human and ‘other.’ …evokes places vaguely familiar, yet indistinct, and climates that, again are somehow familiar even though 10,000 isobars from home. Romero has a wrought, haunting voice…soaring, keening, and emoting… in sinc with the convincing, almost tangible otherness of Greinke’s music.”
uthor: Under the Volcano
“Greinke’s haunting textural backdrop provides the perfect accompaniment for Romero’s ethereal hymns.”
author: Stained Productions
“…Anisa Romero’s voice shines when layered atop Greinke’s rich electro-acoustic bed of aural bliss. The duo has produced an ethereal masterpiece that deserves a prime spot next to the Projekt or Dead Can Dance discs in your collection.”

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